Fusion Abs

Today there have been 3 new abs workouts added to the Body Breakthrough workout collection.

For a limited time only, the 1 year annual subscription is now 40% off

Summer Sale!

New Body Breakthrough Fitness Program: A Beginner's Workout by Kathy!

The ultimate beginner fitness program to sculpt your body is here!

Ask Anna: How long does it take to get good at yoga?

I want to learn yoga, but how do I start?

Yoga Pose of the Day: Bakasana Crow Pose

Mastering the Crow Pose will help you build your yoga confidence and will open the door to many other arm balance poses.

Body Breakthrough Yoga Weight Loss Program Metamorphosis Intro

Welcome to Metamorphosis. This is an intermediate level yoga series aimed at advancing your yoga practice. Ever wanted to learn how to perform a handstand? Or maybe wanted to learn the Crow pose?

Please welcome Body Breakthrough's newest program: Metamorphosis

10 classes to supercharge your life.

Exercise of the Day: Side Plank

Side Plank is one of the best exercises in fitness. Try out one of these two variations.

How to Build Muscle with the Body Breakthrough APP

Tired of being skinny and not having any muscle? The Body Breakthrough app has the solution for you.

Why Track your Progress?

Research shows that people who track their progress are far more likely to reach their goals. Here’s 3 reasons why:
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