Got a stiff back? Tight calves killing you after a workout?

Come check out 2 new foam roller workouts

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Enhance your Yoga Poses

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Ask Anna: can I learn yoga if I'm not flexible?

What do I do if I'm not flexible?

Ask Anna: Can yoga cure my insomnia?

What do I do if I can't fall asleep?

Fusion Abs

Today there have been 3 new abs workouts added to the Body Breakthrough workout collection.

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New Body Breakthrough Fitness Program: A Beginner's Workout by Kathy!

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Ask Anna: How long does it take to get good at yoga?

I want to learn yoga, but how do I start?

Yoga Pose of the Day: Bakasana Crow Pose

Mastering the Crow Pose will help you build your yoga confidence and will open the door to many other arm balance poses.
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