Body Breakthrough Program Intro: Vinyasa Flow with Sasa

跟著呼吸流動瑜伽is a new Body Breakthrough Vinyasa yoga program with trainer Sasa. This is an intermediate to advanced yoga program designed for yoga practitioners who are already familiar with the basics and have been practicing yoga for 6 months or longer. This program transitions from one pose to the next so be ready to get a serious sweat on. Due to the faster nature of Vinyasa, this program will more closely resemble a light-intensity cardio workout. This program will utilize the Body Breakthrough Yoga Blocks.

Am I Skinny Fat?

Traditionally people associate being the proper weight with being healthy and being overweight as being unhealthy, but that is not always true. The term “skinny fat” is also known as Metabolically Obese Normal Weight or MONW.

How to Improve your Pushups

Do you find pushups difficult? While pushups may seem like a simple exercise, it is actually quite technical. With some tips in this article you will be well on your way to completing correct pushup repetitions.

3 Common Problems for Downward Dog

Downward Facing Dog might be the most recognized yoga pose of them all. It is a foundational pose for all types of yoga that is great for decompressing the spine, and stretching out your body from your shoulders to your hamstrings.

Sasa's Mini Yoga Lessons

Try out these new Sasa mini lessons where we answer 3 commonly asked yoga questions

How to get better at everyone's favorite exercise: the burpee

Everyone knows what’s a burpee? But can you do them correctly with proper form? Let’s breakdown this exercise today to help you get the most out of your workout.

New Program: Relax Yin Yoga by Sasa

Relax Yin Yoga by Sasa is a new 7 day Yin Yoga program. In these times of high stress, Relax Yin Yoga by Sasa was created to help people to recharge their lives, and give back to their mind, body, and spirit.

Hulk's Summer Guide

Your summer body awaits

Hulk TV Vlog: Chest Day

How to get a bigger chest

Why does it seem like I can't lose weight when I exercise everyday already?

Ever felt like even drinking water would make you feel fat? Here's 3 reasons how why you might have hit the wall, and haven’t been able to shave off the extra weight.
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