The Truth About Abs

2018-09-29 11:09:39

Everyone wants a flat stomach and six pack abs.  The most common myth is doing crunches and sit-ups will help you to achieve these results.  The fact is everyone has a flat stomach and chiseled abs, but they are hidden under a layer of fat on your belly.  No matter how many ab exercises you do, your abs won’t be visible unless you burn off the layer of fat on top of them.  Once you can see your abs, then you can start focusing more on specific ab exercises in order to make your abs pop out and look more defined.

Another myth is that you can remove fat from a specific portion of your body, such as your stomach.  This is untrue.  Fat reduction takes place throughout the entire body in a slow and gradual process.  An overall reduction in body fat will result in your abs showing, but also less fat under your arms and on your legs and thighs.

The key to getting that flat stomach is to do more cardiovascular training that gets your heart rate up.  A higher heart rate (80-90% of max) during training leads to more calories being burned which reduces the fat on your body.  Not sure what are some of the best exercises to do to achieve this?  Do some of the higher intensity Body Breakthrough workouts, such as Cardio I, Cardio II, Plyometrics, and Combat and you’ll start seeing your abs in no time!

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