Common Workout Mistakes of Beginners

2018-09-29 13:09:07

1. Overwhelming yourself- So you’ve just started and are really excited about making progress really fast, why not exercise 2 or 3 times a day?  Exercising is a gradual process that takes time, it’s not a sprint.  Your muscles need to adapt to this new lifestyle and activity level.  Patience will lead to the greatest results and following the Body Breakthrough programs will help you to organize your workouts without overworking your body. Setting an unrealistic goal and failing to reach it will only lead to you being discouraged.

2. Not warming up – You need to get your body ready for exercise by warming up.  Whether it is jogging in place or doing some jumping jacks, combined with some active stretching, the warm up should not be skipped. Exercising with cold muscles, joints, and ligaments can lead to injury.  Warming up is just as important as the actual workout itself!

3. Not tracking your progress – After completing each exercise, take notes on how you did.  Keep track of the repetitions, time, equipment used, and any other information you feel is important to each exercise.  Downloa
d the Body Breakthrough APP and you can use the data entry function to keep track of your performance on every exercise. Keep pushing harder and harder each workout and see your positive progression in real figures!

4. Poor form – All of our Body Breakthrough workouts have in depth demonstrations with tips and modifications for every exercise.  Follow Hulk and learn the proper way to perform each exercise.  Improper form can lead to injury and ineffectiveness.  Extra pressure will be put on joints.  Exercise safely!

5. Not listening to your body/improper equipment – Delayed onset muscle soreness is normal when you start working out, but do you have additional discomfort or pain?  If any exercise causes you abnormal pain, you should either try one of the modifications or skip the exercise all together.  Let your body rest and recover.  If the pain persists, you should seek professional help.  In addition to listening to your body, you should wear proper shoes and clothing for working out.  Wear shoes that fit properly and have the proper support for exercise in order to avoid long term foot or knee injuries.  Wear clothing that is light and breathable because you should be comfortable when you work out!

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