Welcome to Every Day Pilates

2020-06-11 19:06:08

Welcome everyone to Every Day Pilates. Every Day Pilates is a light, low impact,stress relieving program that will help you to clear your mind and create a healthier body.  This program aims to help develop strength and correct posture in the key areas of the hips/lower back, upper back and neck.

Who is Pilates for?
Pilates is focused on building core strength, improving posture while
increasing flexibility. It involves precise moves in combination with specific breathing techniques. Each workout in Everyday Pilates breaks down several fundamental Pilates exercises into their most basic forms and teaches you multiple modifications so that you can develop proper technique starting as a beginner, and slowly work your way up into more advanced techniques.

Can you do Pilates if you are pregnant?
As Pilates is a non-impact workout, it is a safe choice for women who want to still be able to exercise throughout pregnancy. Pilates has also proven to help women to speed up the process of getting back into shape after childbirth.

Everyday Pilates was created and filmed by Anna during her pregnancy. It is recommended that once you have hit your second trimester to avoid the exercises while lying flat on your back.

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