Why Track your Progress?

2019-04-20 00:04:00

Research shows that people who track their progress are far more likely to reach their goals. Here’s 3 reasons why:

1. It’s human nature
Measuring your activity pushes you to achieve more. Who wants to stop when there’s more to gain? There’s something highly addictive about making incremental improvements as you inch closer towards your goals.

2. Establishes a baseline.  
Before you know where you want to go, you have to understand where you’re starting from. If you can only do 10 push ups in a minute, it wouldn’t make sense to set your goal to hit 50 push ups a minute by tomorrow. Establishing a baseline will help you gain a better understanding of your body. Set realistic goals for yourself and build up slowly.

3. Prevents plateaus
If you know you’re only hitting the same marks week after week, then you can quickly identify you’ve stopped making progress. Be honest with yourself, and understand it’s okay to make a push outside of your comfort zone. Make both short term and long term goals for yourself to succeed even faster.

Now let’s talk a little about how to track your workout progress with the Body Breakthrough APP. In the workout sections, you’ll be able to track your progress based upon a per exercise basis. What’s cool is the next time you visit the same workout, your notes for each exercise will have already been preloaded so you don’t need to thumb through your history.

Progress is separated into these categories:
Weight Used
Equipment Used
Personal Notes

Time is in reference to how long you were able to perform an exercise for. Maybe you wanted to see how long you could hold a squat for, or maybe you want to see if yo could do burpees for a minute. Take it down, and you’ll know right away for next time.


Repetitions are used to track how many times you were able to successfully complete an exercise. Maybe it was your goal to do 15 diamond push ups, but when the time came, you were feeling good, and you were able to push for 18. Next time you’ll know to push for even more!

Weights Used
Let’s say that you were doing bicep curls, and you found that doing 5 kg reps were working best for you. Why spend the time to remember when the information was there waiting for you?


Equipment Used
In Body Breakthrough workouts, you’ll find yourself using different types of equipment from yoga mats, chairs, resistance bands, or weights even. You’ll be able to select multiple icons as to quickly identify what you used for each exercise.

This section is like your personal diary where you can write anything you feel like. This is a great place to notate your goals next time around.

Ultimately when it comes to tracking your progress, understand with the highs also comes the lows. It’s okay to have off days. Not every day is going to go according to plan. Have fun with it,and enjoy working towards your goals.

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