Body Breakthrough iOS v1.9 now live

2019-02-18 00:02:00

What’s New in iOS version 1.9


Welcome everyone to iOS version 1.9. We are very excited to bring new exciting workout content as well as various improvements to the Body Breakthrough APP.

2 New Workout Programs:
Fusion by Anna: An innovative approach to yoga that fuses yoga with pilates to create a refreshing new workout feel. This is a full body experience that will help you achieve sexy abs in no time.

Get Fit with the Liu Twins:
Introducing Body Breakthrough’s newest trainers, the Liu twins. Two trainers are better than one. Only 15 minutes a day to attain a strong and sexy look.

Calendar Improvements:
All Workout Programs are now available on a trial basis. Get a taste of the various programs to help you find the right type of body transformation you are looking to achieve.   

After starting a Program, users will now have more time to complete the Workout of the Day before moving forward to the next workout. There will no longer be scheduled rest days.  This adjustment was made after receiving feedback from users that they wanted more time and freedom to finish their workout programs at their own pace.

Video Playback Improvements
We have improved our video playback speed and performance. To take advantage of this, make sure to fill in your Region in the Profile section so that we can appropriately link you to a faster video server in your area.

Please make sure to restart the APP after updating. Thanks.


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